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NEC Plasma TV

42VP4 42" HDTV Plasma Monitor

NEC Plasma TV

Manufacturer's Warranty

This product includes a 1 Year Parts and Labor Standard manufacturer's warranty

Get their attention and hold it with NEC's new 42" Public Display Series PlasmaSyncฎ monitors. Like a classic painting it follows you at every angle, drawing you in, compelling you to look. The new 42" Public Display Series gets you involved. Specifically designed for public display, the 42VP4 offers a host of features not found anywhere else. Bright images, pure reds and accurate colors combined with built in stereo and totally silent operation ensure your message is always loud and clear, no matter what the environment or angle. In areas with controlled lighting the 42VP4 features an anti-reflective filter. The sleek new design with cable management system, programmable timer and portrait capability make them ideal for retail, theaters, transportation terminals, conference rooms and more. No matter how you look at it, the new 42" Public Display Series gives you a clear advantage.

Key Features

  • 42VP4 - Anti-Reflective(AR) filter - The 42VP4 features an anti-reflective filter for controlled lighting situations. Provides a sharp and crisp image.
  • 42VP4D - Anti-Glare(AG) filter - The 42VP4D features an anti-glare filter which diffuses direct light sources. Image is easy to see under even severe lighting conditions.
  • Digital AccuDevice
  • MASS (Mass Area Superior Sampling Technology)
  • Industry-Lowest Power Consumption
  • 20% Brighter
  • Cable Mangement
  • Programmable Timer
  • Motion Compensated 3D Scan Conversion
  • 3/2 Pull Down

Included Accessories

AC Power Cord, User Manual, Remote Control, Batteries, Cable Clamps

NEC Plasma Specifications

Plasma Display Specs.

Screen Size 42" diagonal
Screen Aspect 16:9
Pixel Pitch 1.08 mm x 1.08 mm
hSync 15.5 to 110.0 kHz
vSync 50 to 120 Hz
Color System NTSC 3.58/4.43, PAL, SECAM
Data Signals VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WideVGA, WideXGA
TV Scan Lines 480i, 525p, 525i, 540p, 625p, 625i, 720p, 1035i, 1080i


Composite Video 2 (RCA and BNC)
S-Video 1 (4-pin mini DIN)
Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) 1 (RCA x 3)
RGB Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr/H/V) 2 (RCA and BNC x 3)
PC VGA 1 (15-pin d-sub VGA)
DVI 1 (24-pin DVI Interface)

Dimensions and General Specs.

Power Supply 100-120V @ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 270 Watts
Dimensions 40.1" x 24.0" x 3.5"
Weight 62.80 lbs.
FCC Class FCC Class A, Commercial Use

  View NEC Plasma TV Brochure (PDF)

A sleek new design with cable management system,programmable timer and portrait capability make them the perfect choice for any public environment.No matter how you look at it, the new 42” Public Display Series gives you a clear opportunity to get their attention and sell!

Superior image no matter how you view it - The 42 Public Display Series offers wide VGA native resolution to give your ideas more power and clarity than ever.The monitor ’s wide VGA panel provides a sharp,crisp display of high-resolution text and graphics and its progressive scan driving method offers stable,flicker-free images. Advanced AccuBlend scan conversion provides high quality scaling for non-native resolutions signals. And sophisticated video signal processing,including motion-compensated 3D scan conversion and 3/2 pull down processing,delivers smooth,lifelike video.NEC ’s patented Capsulated Color Filter ensures realistic color and it ’s further enhanced by AccuCrimson technology for the purest reds possible.

Connect every which way - Connect to multiple sources from video to HD to RGB. Signal loop-out capability allows a source to easily be looped from one monitor to the next allowing you to connect 4 displays without the use of an external DA*.

Suit your style with portrait or landscape - Depending on your needs,you can display in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Matrixing simplified - The built-in matrix gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to arrange the monitors in a 2x2 (84 ”)or 3x3 (126 ”) matrix without an external processor. The Auto ID feature allows the setup of the matrix to be simpler. The repeat timer allows two different matrix settings,creating a self running demo.

Digital AccuDevice and MASS technology for smooth lines - The newly developed Digital AccuDevice,delivers jitter free images and reduces distortion. MASS technology smooths jagged lines and corrects color bleeds for clear stable color images and easy-to- read text.

Save your screen with AccuShield phosphor protection - Your screen stays protected from image retention with the most comprehensive set of built in modes including programmable Orbiter, Inverse RGB, All-White, Pixel Refresh and Brightness Limiter.

Your message gets heard - No need to purchase and attach a separate audio component to your monitor. The built in stereo amplifier provides 8W x 8W making sure your message is loud and clear.

Convenient and sleek - The cabinet design allows for a small form PC to be attached solving the problem of source equipment location. A cable management system allows you to achieve a clean appearance without costly enclosures.

Fanless design for quiet operation - The 42VP4 and 42VP4D features a fanless design in both portrait and landscape for silent operation no matter what environment it is in.

Virtually self-operating - A programmable timer can be set up to virtually operate itself by setting power on/off, changing inputs and selecting AccuShield modes.

Ecological design - Power consumption 275W is the lowest in the industry.

External control and self diagnostics - A complete set of RS232 commands allow monitor functions to be operated remotely via serial communications. In addition,operating problems can be identified and communicated via RS232 or front bezel LED lights through its self diagnostics system.


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